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The Iscanco Investment Philosophy and Management Services

Iscanco’s portfolio of 1,500,000 sq.ft of office, 2,000,000 sq. ft. industrial and 250,000 sq. ft. of retail have been acquired gradually over several years. Our properties collectively represent a dedication to long-term ownership and opportunistic buying. Iscanco has been very successful in identifying hidden value and new markets that have produced above average returns that others have overlooked.

Investment returns for each acquisition are analyzed using an immediate, midterm and residual value approach. Typically, Iscanco invests in two types of properties;
  • Value-added transactions, properties that require construction and/or additional leasing.
  • Stabilized properties that are currently fully leased and therefore income producers.

In addition to seeking unique opportunities, our investment decisions are also guided by the general belief that a diverse portfolio, spread over multiple markets is the best way to hedge against the inevitable cycles that dominate the history of our industry.

Iscanco provides invaluable local expertise and/or asset management, which allows it to take swift and confident action when opportunities present themselves in regional markets.

Several of the management services offered by Iscanco are outlined below:
  • Complete financial reporting, annual budgets, operating reports
  • Leasing and Marketing
  • Tenant services and proactive tenant retention
  • Co-ordination and supervision of tenant improvements
  • Legal support and lease administration
  • Building Management, operations, suggested repairs, capital expenditures or improvements
  • Property Insurance
  • Property mortgage financing
  • Due Diligence reviews for acquisitions
  • Property Engineering Inspection and Environment Reports support
  • Appraisal report support
  • Construction and Development
  • Sale and leaseback